27 Apr 2017


When Hazel came to Crown Heights, she and her neighbors transformed a trash heap into a sanctuary for the community. They’ve been fighting to protect it ever since.



04 Feb 2017

A Call to Action to Support Amherst Media

Amherst Media, the oldest non-profit media access center in the country, is facing the potential loss of its independence by the Town of Amherst. https://amherstmedia.org/


22 Sep 2016

bullied for wearing Glasses

21 Sep 2016


21 Sep 2016

Bill Cosby On Prejudice

21 Sep 2016

His ankles are cuffed

21 Sep 2016

Soy Yo

21 Sep 2016

03020927 (Topics: TV)

21 Sep 2016

Lamentation For An Obsolete Body

21 Sep 2016

Bone Shaker

31 Aug 2016

Gazelle Twin – Exorcise

Standard definition and analog. At least that’s the look. And some moves Michael Jackson Pollock would approve of.


16 Feb 2016

Baird’s Got Issues 1 Teaser

Or is it Tazer? At the Yankee Pedlar – H0L1Y04K0E

Baird will once again have issues on April 6, 2015 at The Pedlar (This post originally published Feb 16, 2015)
Details and free tickets at http://bit.ly/bairdsgotissues2

Photos from the January 31 event: http://bit.ly/bgi1photos


22 Jan 2016

CareerPoint and YouthWorks – Become a Job Site

produced by PressPassTV


03 Apr 2015

BGI Episode 1 “Fine Linen”

The first episode of BAIRD’S GOT ISSUES, entitled “Fine Linen”
Don’t miss Episode 2, April 6 – 2015 – Yankee Pedlar – Holyoke – USA


25 Mar 2015

Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en: Tranquilizers