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Youth In Revolt


27 Apr 2017


04 Feb 2017

A Call to Action to Support Amherst Media

31 Aug 2016

Gazelle Twin - Exorcise

19 Mar 2015


15 Dec 2013

Out of Town Noir – Baird Soules

The Professor has a couple of things he’d like to say…


14 Dec 2013

Growing food with zero heating in Holyoke

Jonathan Bates is better known for the food forest he and his colleague Eric Toensmeier planted on their 1/10th of an acre urban lot in Holyoke, Massachusetts. When I visited him in February, most of the lot and its 200 plant species were still covered with snow, but Jonathan showed me around their eco-shelter. Thanks to good insulation and thermal mass, the passive greenhouse maintains above freezing temperatures all winter, and allows them to grow food throughout the year.


14 Dec 2013

Video Tagging in Holyoke

Nothing else to do on a Friday evening in Holyoke except drive around with Sara Krohn and throw some video on buildings. -Denis Luzuriaga


14 Dec 2013


SWITCH was created by a group of artists who work in many disciplines and have exhibited and performed in venues locally, nationally, as well as internationally. Artists such as Jessica Higgins, Erika Knerr, Mary Averill, Denis Luzuriaga, GLOVE, David Teeple, Matt Waugh, John Landino. “Using tools from the latest imaging hardware, to video cameras from the 1970′s; digital editing suites to analog video switchers – we document our performance happenings and turn them in to the show we call SWITCH”. This half-hour program is also available on Community Access Television Stations in Massachusetts and beyond. Information about showing SWITCH on your local station can be obtained at PegMedia.org. “PegMedia.org is a media transfer site for PEG (Public, Education, Government) community television stations and producers of media for these stations.”

A sampling of 30 individual performances ranging from Vintage Fluxus, to Intermedia Forms & Works, to Performance Works & Happenings, can be seen here.


14 Dec 2013

Playing With Tension – Chris Nelson

Installation by Chris Nelson, one of the artists participating in REACH April – May 2013. Kinetic, interactive sculpture installed in historic Wistariahurst Museum.


23 Sep 2013

SWITCH is a wrap

We’ve decided to end SWITCH at Episode 16, “Insomnia” . On behalf of the contributing artists, and Creative Director Jessica Higgins… Thank you very much for watching, and to Access TV stations for airing our shows. Access TV is a wonderful medium for artists to work in. Stay tuned to HolyokeTV for future projects.

If you are interested in showing SWITCH on your Public Access station, please download the episodes from PegMedia. You can also watch all 16 episodes here.

Denis Luzuriaga

HolyokeTV is Intermedia Television. It is organized by a collective of artists who work in many disciplines


18 Mar 2013

SWITCH 16 “Insomnia”

“Insomnia” is the sixteenth episode of SWITCH, an arts program created by artists in Western Massachusetts and the NYC area. This episode features Jessica Higgins, Bibbe Hansen, Alison Knowles, Joshua Selman, and William Stone. SWITCH is a Holyoke production. For additional information please contact: press at holyoketv.org


29 Jan 2013

REACH One-Minute-VidFest

All of the submitted videos can be viewed here. Joining a recent history of international one-minute video festivals in the past decade, REACH hosts a One-Minute VidFest. All are encouraged to submit a one-minute video (including credits and titles) to be screened at the Popcorn Noir movie theater in Easthampton, MA and at other venues during the exhibition. Applicants may be included in a one-minute video DVD—a selection of the collected works from the one-minute film festival. Submit your video by March 4, 2013. www.reachfest.com/1-minute-film-fest/


22 Dec 2012

SWITCH 15 “Cooking With Cage”

“Cooking With Cage” is the 15th episode of SWITCH, an artists television program produced by artists in Western Massachusetts and includes work from various towns, cities and countries. This episode  includes works from the NYC area. Cooking With Cage features an archival video, courtesy of Arleen Schloss, showing John Cage and Alison Knowles preparing a meal in John Cage’s kitchen. The visual is supported by their spoken interpretation of Stephane Mallarme’s Un coup de des jamais n’abolira le hasard: A throw of the dice will never abolish chance. 2012 Is the centennial celebration of John Cage. Cooking With Cage also includes a new performance by GLOVE of John Cage’s 4′ 33″ using the timings originally performed by David Tudor in Wooodstock NY. The score of 4′ 33″ indicates 3 movements each marked “Tacet” where the movements may be any chosen lengths of time as long as they collectively add up to 4 minutes and 33 seconds. SWITCH is a Holyoke production. For additional information please contact: press at holyoketv.org. Many thanks to Canal Gallery of Holyoke, MA for hosting a new performance of 4′ 33″ and SWITCH episode 15.

Canal Gallery, Holyoke MA, 2012
photo: Denis Luzuriaga


24 Oct 2012

SWITCH №14 “Fluxus Under Construction”

“Fluxus Under Construction” is the fourteenth episode of SWITCH, an arts program created by artists in Western Massachusetts and the NYC area. This episode features Larry Miller, a seminal Fluxus artist. Larry performs works exclusively for SWITCH. Gema Alava and Jessica Higgins perform their co-creation: CYCLE. The episode ends with a segment showcasing a recent show at The Victory Theatre in Holyoke, MA. This group effort involves site specific installations from nine artists. The Victory Theatre is scheduled to be totally renovated in 2013. SWITCH is a Holyoke production. For additional information please contact: press at holyoketv.org


19 Oct 2012

In The Round

“In The Round” is a site specific art installation. Nine artists have installed works in the old Victory Theater in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The artists are Taiga Ermansons, Amy Johnquest, Chris Nelson, Christopher Willingham, Olivia Bernard, Torsten Zenas Burns, Kari Gatzke, Joshua Vrysen, and Angela Zammarelli. Victory Theatre is slated to be restored in 2013. For more information visit Mifafestival. The exhibition is on view by appointment until November 18th, 2012. Please contact Chris Nelson.


14 Oct 2012


Performance by Gema Álava and Jessica Higgins at Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery – NYC


11 Oct 2012

Cable Access Public Hearing

On October 25, 2012 at 6pm, there will be a Public Ascertainment Hearing at the War Memorial in Holyoke, MA. The address is 310 Appleton St (and Maple).

The current cable television license held by Comcast with the City of Holyoke will expire on October 27, 2013. The purpose of this hearing is to identify future cable-related community needs and interests, and review the performance of Comcast under its current cable television license.

This is the people of Holyoke’s chance to get what they need, true Public Access Television. Television for, but especially by the people of Holyoke.

A person will be able to have an idea for a show, for example a monthly half-hour show that discusses the stories and historical treasures that can be found in Holyoke. She should be able to walk up to the Holyoke Public Access Station, get trained on how to produce said show from scratch, borrow the necessary equipment, and successfully see her show on one of the dedicated Public Access channels that is carried by Comcast and that is included in every cable subscription.

Please consider attending this important event and giving testimony as to why you feel the People of Holyoke deserve True Public Access Television.

Watch episode 13 “Video, Video” of SWITCH to get a primer on the beginnings of Public Access Television in New York City.


11 Sep 2012

Solstice – Requiem

Filmed on the Solstice, delivered as a Requiem


20 Jun 2012

SWITCH №13 “Video, Video”

“Video, Video” is the thirteenth episode of SWITCH, an arts program created by artists in Western Massachusetts and the NYC area. This episode is all about Public Access Television, and one of it’s advocates is Jaime Davidovich. Mr Davidovich is an intermedia artist and an organizer of art on television. In this episode, he talks with the producers of Switch about the infancy of Public Access Television in SOHO/NYC in the mid 1970’s. The Creative Director of SWITCH is Jessica Higgins, the Producer is Denis Luzuriaga. Special thanks to Artist Organized Art for facilitating the rendezvous with Jaime. 720p download available here: http://vimeo.com/44069075