On October 25, 2012 at 6pm, there will be a Public Ascertainment Hearing at the War Memorial in Holyoke, MA. The address is 310 Appleton St (and Maple).

The current cable television license held by Comcast with the City of Holyoke will expire on October 27, 2013. The purpose of this hearing is to identify future cable-related community needs and interests, and review the performance of Comcast under its current cable television license.

This is the people of Holyoke’s chance to get what they need, true Public Access Television. Television for, but especially by the people of Holyoke.

A person will be able to have an idea for a show, for example a monthly half-hour show that discusses the stories and historical treasures that can be found in Holyoke. She should be able to walk up to the Holyoke Public Access Station, get trained on how to produce said show from scratch, borrow the necessary equipment, and successfully see her show on one of the dedicated Public Access channels that is carried by Comcast and that is included in every cable subscription.

Please consider attending this important event and giving testimony as to why you feel the People of Holyoke deserve True Public Access Television.

Watch episode 13 “Video, Video” of SWITCH to get a primer on the beginnings of Public Access Television in New York City.