Dean Nimmer & Greg Amenoff 1974 – 78

These particular scenes are cut from a 25-minute video called, A Tour of the Museum of Fine Arts In Boston with Dan Pike and Bill Bob. I did this and other art-spoof videos with my friend and fellow artist, Greg Amenoff between 1974 and 78. I’ve been meaning to convert these for many years but hadn’t taken the time until now. I divided the MFA video into 8 different bits.

We did these with one of the very first reel to reel Panasonic “Portapacks.” Of course, B/W and ancient by todays standards.We almost got these on SNL back then, but they took Bill Wegman’s dog videos instead. We made the MFA video under a National Endowment grant from the Education dept of the MFA. Not sure if the people we worked with kept their jobs after this video was released?

Altogether, there’s about 20 other short vignettes we did and I’m working on those for fun in my spare time.

-Dean Nimmer, Holyoke, February 2015