01 Mar 2024

And Now… Dave Amo

From birth to death? Your car’s last mile could end at Highway Auto Salvage, a Pioneer Valley, environmentally sound, brutal graveyard. Manager Dave Amo welcomed “And Now” to sit on tires and talk about what happens when a car loses it – commonly to a crash, or engine failure. America’s romantic history of beautifully made cars, top down, some with fins, have become high tech, fabricated around the world, marvelous commodities to get you somewhere without having to lift the hood – having already lifted your wallet. Yet finally all but a very few will meet the grim auto-salvager; the end of the road, to be headed for a shredder. The latest transportation marvels will leave bones, parts for the pickings, but not for tears. Our cars used to be loved. Even called art. http://www.highwayautosalvage.com/