25 Mar 2015

Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en: Tranquilizers

01 Nov 2014

Black Jesus is on Holyoke TV

The video for the hit single! The FrannyO Show


13 Jan 2024

FOGLIZARD “Here Comes Billy”

Am I alone here, where’s my car? Concrete pathways stretch out far. Mothers with their secrets cry… Driveways and houses and fading light.

There’s trouble brewing on South and Main… I trim my beard and I can’t complain. Billy knows it’s as close as he’ll get… Earth is our host, so watch your step.

And here comes Billy. Here comes the man. He’s waving. Yes, he’s waving. He’s struttin’ down South and Main. Here comes Billy. Here comes the man. Here comes Billy. Here comes the man.

A suburban dream, a façade serene, I wish I’d known when I was still fifteen. Her footsteps echo in my mind, Death informs us all the time.

This almost keeps me up at night. So I guess I better wash my sins, Back in Texas is where I’ll be. My wheels are hot, I’m sensing victory.

Back in the day… I’m talking 19 and 75, a great event took place. It came to be known as… The Great Southern Wash-out. Churches were filled to capacity. People tryna get into heaven. They couldn’t wait.

Beast – Guitar
Buzz – Guitar
Q – Drums
Maestro – Bass
D-Lux – Vocals