27 Apr 2023

And Now – Mayor Josh Garcia

Joshua A. Garcia is a practicing Public Administrator with a focus on community development, public management, and good governance. Josh is also the Mayor of his hometown of Holyoke, Massachusetts. He was previously Administrator at the Town of Blandford. Mr. Garcia is dedicated to improving the qualify-of-life for all residents. Ed and Denis speak with the Mayor about “The art of being Mayor”.


31 Aug 2016

Gazelle Twin – Exorcise

Some moves Michael Jackson Pollock would approve of.


19 Mar 2015


Guest appearance: John Landino + GLOVE
Special performance courtesy, Artist Organized Art at Waugh Agency.
Part of the 2014 Eastworks Open Studios events.


15 Mar 2015

Culinary Arts Institute Grand Opening

The kitchens are open, and the ovens are on. It’s time to cook.

“…Having the HCC culinary department downtown will be huge. It’s going to benefit all the building owners. It’s going to benefit everyone who is already doing business down here. It’s going to make it much more attractive for other businesses.” -State Rep Vega.


31 Jan 2015

Pyramid – Day Two

The near perfect proportions of my pyramid have atrophied somewhat.. so I thought I’d spiff up the scene with some moving pictures. Katie Richardson (katierayart.com) nominated me for the Viral Art Challenge. I found all this white stuff lying around my front yard so I built a seven foot pyramid. ‪#‎viralartchallenge‬


16 Dec 2014

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

MARE finds “a permanent place to call home” for children in foster care, including sibling groups and children who are traditionally harder to place. We do this by recruiting and supporting families throughout the adoption process. So far, MARE has helped over 6,000 children join their “forever families.” www.mareinc.org


01 Nov 2014

Black Jesus is on Holyoke TV

The video for the hit single! The FrannyO Show


13 Sep 2014

The White Rose

I Am Holyoke Short story series.


11 Jun 2014


22 Apr 2014

Holyoke Hummus Company Food Cart